News - 15,Aug,2018

ONE PIE. ONE WINE. One afternoon in the smoko room...

ONE PIE. ONE WINE. One afternoon in the smoko room...

Misty Cove pair up pie and plonk in The Burleigh Pie Pairing Challenge


The humble pie.  

Hot meat packed in pastry yum goodness. A kiwi classic since ages ago, it’s a staple that seems to traverse all meal conventions. Some enjoy a pie for lunch, some for dinner, a snack, and even for breakfast. Many have that crucial pie stumbling home from that disco or after work drinks do. Walking past the old servo (that’s gas station translated), we wander in staring glassy eyed at the pie warmer in the corner – mince and cheese? Bacon and egg? Butter chicken?

So many choices.


And while pies are a widespread kiwi phenomenon found in every gas station, RSA, club rooms and dairy across the country - there aren’t too many that we can safely call the perfect pie.

Or can we? There’s a little secret that Marlborough has been holding back from the rest of the country, and that’s The Burleigh.


The Burleigh has been serving up their signature pies for 6 years now. And this is the second year that the iconic Blenheim pie purveyour has run the now famous Burleigh Pie Pairing Challenge.

This year, Misty Cove are lucky enough have a punt on the pie and plonk pairing. Which will, unfortunately be stretched over a period of several afternoons in the smoko room at Misty Cove headquarters. It’s a heard job, but it has to be done.


This week we have the final pie and wine pairings down to:

4 Pies:


Chicken, Mushroom and Leek

The Pork Belly Pie

Lamb Curry


3 Wines:


Grüner Veltliner

Waitaria Organic White


Thanks for having us along for the ride Burleigh Pies. More market research will be required. Our decision will be announced soon!