Awards - 09,Aug,2017

More wins going on in Kiwi-land

It seems we just can't help it. Yet again, two little marvels of ours have gone out in search of high praise. This time it's on our home shores, hailing from the Sam Kim, the wine guru at Wine Orbit New Zealand. 

It may not have been released just yet, but it's already causing a stir... and getting the wine industry all hot and bothered. We could only be talking about our sexy new Waitaria, which received 94 points and has been aptly described as having a "silky texture and an expansive mouthfeel"... It's a good thing we left them alone we think.

The Fifth Innings Pinot Noir has also come up strong again, receiving 95 points... and with the description being attributed to this fellow? "It is refined and engaging, wonderfully structured by fine, firm tannins.". Just what we wanted, kudos for those firm tannins.