News - 30,Aug,2018

Misty Cove Presents: Vinyl&Vino - Part One

As far as we are concerned the night is always youngish when there is music and wine involved. Our people at Misty Cove Wines are all music lovers, and so much of what we do here involves some sort of aural pleasure. Ahem. Whether it’s our playlist at the office, in the vineyards from our trucks, at home, or out and about. The point is that music is such a great meeting point for many of us. And so is wine.  


The fermented beverage goes great with great food, and we believe it’s equally as salubrious when matched with our favourite artists.


That’s why, after much planning and deliberation - at some of our favourite watering holes and venues - we have unleashed Vinyl&Vino upon the world. A monthly music and wine pairing event involving our favourite records.


One DJ, a few wines, and plenty of vinyl to play while you all sip, drink and enjoy.


Call us crazy, but we figured that our new wines - Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Gris - went superbly with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks. It could be the depth of composition in their songs; could be the sonorous tones of their unique harmonies, or just that the music has been getting our hearts pumping and foots thumping lately, Fleetwood Mac seemed like the perfect match.


The first Vinyl&Vino evening went off without a hitch at 5Tapped Ltd in Blenheim, with local gal DJ Katie Sweet Beats lifting the hordes of Friday night drinkers with the best of the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie.


Nearby, our Tiffany poured out our new varietals to the awaiting wine lovers.


The DJ’s mother came by to see her daughter play and was struck with a dose of Déjà vu:

“The first time I saw Misty Cove was in France and always wondered about it,” she said. “Then I come out tonight to see my daughter play, and what do ya know – there’s Misty Cove Wines.”


We love providence. Sometimes things are meant to be.


Thanks so much for having us again at your beautiful venue 5 Tapped Ltd. Always a pleasure. And thanks Marlborough for coming out to another ripper event.


Keep an eye out for the next Vinyl&Vino coming to a venue near you.